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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: soltools need(s) to be rebuilt
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2013 15:01:21 GMT
On 08.12.2013 20:38, Απόστολος Συρόπουλος wrote:
> [...]
> This way I managed to build the missing libraries.  I continued but
> building stopped at:
> build --all:binaryurp
> The following commands "helped" me to build the library:
> Now it stops as follows:
> Entering /extra/sources/OpenOffice/aoo4/main/eventattacher/source
> [...]
> : ERROR: checkdll: fatal: relocation error: file ../
symbol _ZTIN4cppu11OWeakObjectE: referenced symbol not found

The demangled name of this symbol means
	typeinfo for cppu::OWeakObject
AFAIK it should come from cppuhelper. Experts on cppuhelper or typeinfo 
visibility are invited to help us outhere...

Speaking of symbol visibility on unxsogi platforms there is an 
interesting comment in
regarding that topic. In
In that file there is some magic going on with that visibility and I'm 
quite sure that the Solaris+gcc specific checks need to be updated to 
work with newer versions of these tools.

> I guess I can use a similar trick to continue, but the question is: Is this the right
way to build these libraries?

The manual interventions are good to experiment with different solution 
approaches. When the experiments provided a clearer picture the solenv 
makefiles for the "unxsogi" platform should be updated so all that could 
work out of the box. We have so many libraries that it would be quite 
painful if one had to do many of them manually.


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