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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: Arrow heads with hole
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 11:19:45 GMT
     Hi Juergen,

On 05.12.2013 08:41, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> On 12/5/13 12:34 AM, Armin Le Grand wrote:
>> Hi Juergen,
>> yes, of course we should add that stuff, that's what I had in mind. I already have
a grep on the task, just wanted to give some background information.
>> thanks go to regina for alwas bringing something forward!
> well I don't understand why you grep the task, I believe Regina is
> knowing quite well what she is doing.

That's right, 'grep' was not in the sense that I will do it, more in 
having a hook on it to not loose it out of sight...

> We want to grow our developer
> community and want to motivate people to work on the code on their own.
> We all know that Regina is already working independent and she need if
> at all mainly some interlock to discuss, brainstorm certain issues,
> problems or solutions.

Yes, that's what I and Regina normally do.

> Independent of this I believe that the experienced developers should
> give more guidance to others and help to solve their problems. Even if
> it takes longer. This is the way to move forward, let people work on the
> code and with the code and provide guidance where necessary.
> We don't need to discuss this further and I hope I made my point clearer.

You are storming open doors here.

> And I hope Regina simply integrate here good work ;-)
> Thanks
> Regina
>> --
>> ALG (iPad)
>>> Am 04.12.2013 um 09:07 schrieb Jürgen Schmidt <>:
>>>> On 12/3/13 6:05 PM, Armin Le Grand wrote:
>>>>     Hi Regina,
>>>>> On 02.12.2013 23:45, Regina Henschel wrote:
>>>>> Hi Andrea,
>>>>> Andrea Pescetti schrieb:
>>>>>>> On 26/11/2013 Regina Henschel wrote:
>>>>>>> I have expanded the standard.soe with some arrow heads with hole.
>>>>>>> file is attached to
>>>>>>> If you like them, we can consider to use this palette as default.
>>>>>> I added a screenshot to the issue for clearer comparison. The new
>>>>>> are nice and it would be good to have them in 4.1.
>>>>>> In some cases, in the preview, I see the main line of the arrow going
>>>>>> (seemingly) too far within the arrow head, see
>>>>>> for an example. Is this wanted?
>>>>> No, that is not wanted. I will explain the problem in more detail:
>>>> First: nice arrowheads! I am currently on something else, but I have
>>>> already a grep on the task which you wrote.
>>>> Background:
>>>> - The arrows traditionally only used polygons (topologically: no
>>>> poly-polygons which allows holes). This is alrteady changed and
>>>> implemented.
>>>> - The arrow heads and line overlapping traditionally use a 0.0 or 0.8
>>>> factor of overlap, according to 0% or 80% overlap. These values are
>>>> handles relative to the arrow head sizes already, but are treated as a
>>>> boolean (one or the other). In the core these values are prepared to be
>>>> 0-100%, freely choosable. In the UI you can switch between 0% and 80% in
>>>> the lines dialog in it's first page (line ends-> 'centered' for right
>>>> and left arrow). Missing is to have a value input instead of that simple
>>>> switch and to get that 0-100% value over the API and to ODF. This is
>>>> where normally Regina knows if this is possible ;-)
>>>> Thus: Old. historical limitations, some more way to go to get over
>>>> these. When one day it will be possible to choose that value freely
>>>> (prepared in core and primitives) you will be able to trim these to
>>>> connect to your arrow head as you want it to be.
>>>> If there would be a way to do this automatically could also be
>>>> considered; the old overlapping paint was probably only implemented
>>>> since no one wanted to do it better from the beginning (time constrains?
>>>> other?).
>>>> Regina, this sounds as if we could use a feature task for his...
>>> Do I understand correct that with Reginas fix the arrows looks much
>>> better and the problem is less obvious.
>>> If yes I would still integrate it because it is an improvement. And if
>>> possible improve it further later on. But we should not wait for a 100%
>>> solution that most of the user even don't recognize.
>>> Well that is only my personal opinion.
>>> Juergen
>>>>> If you stop the line at the very place where the arrow head starts,
>>>>> you get a visible gap between the "square 45°" and the line itself for
>>>>> fat lines (and same for circle or any peak shape). Therefore an
>>>>> overlap was introduced. For the filled arrow heads, it does not matter
>>>>> whether the line is drawn a little bit longer.
>>>>> For the arrow heads with hole you have to find a compromise between
>>>>> showing a gap at the outer part and showing a little bit line in the
>>>>> hole.
>>>>> Currently the amount by which the line is drawn longer does not depend
>>>>> on the kind of arrow head, but on the length of the arrow head. It is
>>>>> in file polygonprimitive2d.cxx in method
>>>>> PolygonStrokeArrowPrimitive2D::create2DDecomposition around line#547
>>>>> the statement "fStart *= 0.8;"
>>>>> In LO I have changed that to "fStartOverlap = getStart().getWidth() /
>>>>> 15.0;", so that it depends on the width of the arrow head, which also
>>>>> determines the 'stroke' width in the non-filled arrow heads. It is a
>>>>> compromise too. (It is not really a 'stroke', but the area between two
>>>>> combined paths.)
>>>>> We could copy that in AOO. But perhaps someone has a better idea?
>>>>> Kind regards
>>>>> Regina
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