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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: soltools need(s) to be rebuilt
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 07:54:04 GMT
Hi Απόστολος,

Απόστολος Συρόπουλος wrote:
>> Did it build with these configure options? Except for the minor nit that 
>> --with-openssl is set twice, it looks good to me. The option has been 
>> set as "no" and as "/usr", but AFAIK the "no" should win.
> The problem is that when configuring without the "/usr" value, the configure script
> stops and complains that there is no libcrypto!
> [...]

I have to admit that I have no clue about libxmlsec's detailed configure
requirements, so I'm afraid I can't help here much. But with the
knowledge that licrypto comes from openssl, with libxmlsec complaining
about the one openssl is providing maybe some changed linker or build
options could suffice. I'm sure you're on the right track with the changes you suggest below.

> Now. I am building using the file. This is something the
> building tools have chosen.

That "unxsogi" choice is AFAIK generated from different pieces of
- "unx" stands for a Unix platform
- "so" for solaris
- "g" for the gnu-compiler
- "i" for an intel-x86 32bit cpu
>From all that I know from about your configuration the platform name
"unxsogi" sounds like the right one.

> However, I have noticed that this file does not
> contain any LINKFLAGSRUNPATH variables
> [...]
> I feel that is incomplete but then again I might be wrong.

I'm sure the file needs some maintenance. It was last updated
in 2007 when the build environment was different and gcc3 roamed the earth.

> I have added the following lines in this file
> [...many interesting makefile changes...]

Thanks for finding solutions to the build problems on the unxsogi platform!

> but I guess I need to reconfigure so this lines will be used in the building process,

If in doubt a reconfigure and a clean build is always the right thing to
do. Please be aware that the is only for modules still using
the dmake build system. Modules already using the gnumake build system
have their solaris specific
instead, which probably needs some adjustments too.


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