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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject the Seamonkey has left the building
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 12:18:56 GMT
As discussed in the thread "AOO Security Features without Mozilla" I 
removed the dependency on the ancient Seamonkey-1.1 binaries and use the 
NSS libraries ("Network Security Services") instead. This major rework 
has been integrated into trunk now.

If you are working on trunk you'll notice that the moz module and the 
configure switch named --disable-mozilla is gone. This switch was 
sometimes used to build Apache OpenOffice without security services. If 
you want to continue building without security services please use the 
--disable-nss-module instead. Whether such an insecure AOO build is 
something to aim for is dubious though, especially since the biggest 
hurdles to enable this functionality have been removed which were:
- building the Seamonkey-1.1 using special old compiler versions
- providing zip-archives of such prebuilt Seamonkey-1.1 binaries
are no longer needed. Good riddance.

If you are working on Windows then you'll notice that the
--with-mozilla-build option is still there as NSS being part of the 
Mozilla project needs the Mozilla build environment. If you object to 
install the Mozilla build environment then you couldn't build the 
moz+nss modules on Windows then and cannot build nss on Windows now. 
Please use the --disable-nss-module or the --disable-category-B switches 
if providing the Mozilla build environment for NSS is out of the question.

As shown in the earlier thread on this topic the address books provided 
via the old Seamonkey binaries were quite bit-rotten and often didn't 
work on modern systems. There is a good chance that their successors 
will be ready for AOO 4.1 and solve most current problems. Volunteers 
who'd like to dive right into AOO's SDBC subsytem and write drivers for 
Mork, LDAP or MAB address book formats are welcome. Especially power 
users of the older implementations who suffered their shortcomings may 
find this chance interesting.

With the Seamonkey-1.1 compatibility requirement removed it was now also 
possible to do an overdue update of the security critical NSS libraries 
to their latest released version. Thanks to Pedro for his initial patch 
on the platform-independent part of the library update.


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