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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Help Needed: Redo the /porting/mac page
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2013 14:52:51 GMT
We currently have this page which is visited over 4000 times *per
day*.  It has high visibility since it is the top search result when
querying for "openoffice mac" and similar queries:

This page has many problems:

1) The stock image is dated and out of character with the rest of the website

2) The menu is not rendering properly and does not conform to the look
and feel of the website.

3) The content is our of date.

This is a good opportunity for a volunteer, new or old, to help
improve a high profile web page.   I know nothing about the Mac, but I
can help review and check in a new page.

In creating a new page, consider the context:  This page is mainly
visited by those looking for OpenOffice for the Mac.  So we don't need
to sell them on the idea of using OpenOffice.  They are already
looking for it.  We mainly need to answer their likely question:

1) Am I in the right place?  (This is the implicit first question
whenever anyone has when following a link from Google search results.)
 The incongruous stock image does not help here.  One user wrote in a
while ago that this automatically made them think this was a spam

2) Does OpenOffice support the Mac?  If so, what versions?  Prerequisites?

3) Where can download it?

4) Where can I go for more information?  Support?

>From a technical perspective I'd recommend starting with a fresh HTML
page.  Nothing fancy, keep it simple and inherit the site styles and
template.  <body>, <p>, <a>, <ol>, <ul> is all you need.



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