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From janI <>
Subject Re: AOO Security Features without Mozilla
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2013 11:46:16 GMT
On 22 October 2013 13:30, Herbert Dürr <> wrote:

> About everyone who ever built OpenOffice in the last couple of years
> wondered why an almost complete (and obsolete/unmaintained/ancient) version
> of Mozilla Seamonkey was needed when building OpenOffice with its security
> features enabled such as support for password protected documents.
> The branch "Remove_MOZ" shows that it is possible to get rid of that
> dependency and I suggest we do that as soon as possible. The branch was
> inappropriately named because it is only about the removing the mozilla
> dependency of security related stuff.

> But the old Seamonkey binaries still have another purpose: for now they
> are needed for providing its own address books that used to be in the
> "Mork" format. It also provides access to some address books [1] such as
> LDAP, Outlook and Outlook Express.
> [1]**specifications/address_book_**
> architecture.html<>
> Other address sources such as JDBC, ODBC, CSV-Text, MySql and dBase
> already work without Mozilla. On Mac the native Address Book is already
> supported directly.
> Since issue 91209 the mozilla address books were disabled on Mac
> altogether anyway, so on Mac we could rid AOO of its heavy Seamonkey
> dependency really soon without removing any features by using NSS instead
> of bundling a large set of Seamonkey libraries.
> On the other platforms a very high percentage of our user base wouldn't
> notice any missing features if the Mozilla address book support was removed
> there too.
I have no problem with that, since it makes our product lighter and
simpler. But for this I think we need user opinions.

> Developing mozilla-less replacements should be possible and this would
> remove a lot of complexity. As a first idea the replacements could be
> implemented as extensions using something like [2] for LDAP, [3] for Mork
> and [4] for WAB if there was an UNO API to facility that support. Comparing
> the complexity of the scripts below vs the complexities and maintenance
> headaches the ancient Seamonkey and its XPCOM<->UNO bridge is like
> comparing the weight of mice to elephants...
> [2]
> [3] https://bug241438.bugzilla.****
> 175024&action=view<>
> [4]**questions/11538550/retrieving-**
> outlook-contacts-via-python<>
> But splitting off the security dependency is much more important. I plan
> to integrate the changes needed for that soon. They will be enabled either
> with
>         --enable-nss-module
> or with the more general option
>         --enable-category-b

+1 to the --enable-category-b option

> For the mozilla address books I plan to add the option
>         --enable-mozab-module
> to replace the then way too broadly named option
>         --enable-mozilla
Just to be sure, you will not add the option, but rename the other option,
so we only have --enable-mozab-module ?

> Until the replacements outlined above have been developed this new option
> will allow bundling of the old Seamonkey binaries for users that depend on
> its address book support.
please keep the number of new options and changes in configure as low as
possible, that helps me :-)

Its a good initative, which I highly support, and once you have integrated
it into trunk I will update my branches.

Actually the rejuvenate branch seems to be a bigger candidate for
conflicting changes, but we will take that when its ready.

jan I.

> Herbert
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