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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: The crux with 2 open standards for more or less the same thing
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2013 19:38:28 GMT

> From: Andrea Pescetti [] 

> > That is the reason why we will start to investigate in a 
> better OOXML
> > support for AOO and you will probably notice some more 
> activity in the
> > future going in this direction.
> Excellent. A better Microsoft compatibility is what our users 
> set as #1 
> priority in the user survey and improving OOXML import (and 
> export!) is 
> surely part of that.

This is a pragmatic way, also a necessary way, but I fear it will be in the long
run, even the death of the current ODF.

No user of MS Office will move more of OOXML to ODF, if the compatibility of OOXML
in AOO will be similar as well of *.doc.

It is not wrong to improve compatibility with OOXML, but that will unfortunately
be the side effect. I think that you should see clearly.

We must also see that the need to improve the compatibility with OOXML,
unfortunately, also an expression of the fact that market dominance continues to
have MS Office .

I look at what happens at the ISO, where they talked some time ago by the merging
of the two standards ( ODF and OOXML), and take statements from experts seriously,
it seems to me the path mapped out, there will be a new standard in the future,
even if no one likes to hear.

We should all prepare ourselves to it and work on it that it prevents the MS this
standard does not dominate. That's what we should see as a long term goal.
I am thinking there must be cooperation between _all_ the OSS projects will use
the ODF. 


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