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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Sidebar for Developers
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 07:19:32 GMT
> From: Andre Fischer [] 

> Yes, exactly.  If you have an idea for a demo panel and can 
> design the 
> dialog then I can wrap a Java extension around it.
> -Andre

It took a long time but here is my example, a simple search for writer.

Can you please help me now?

The complete example-extension can be found here:

Here is the dialogue:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE dlg:window PUBLIC "-// OfficeDocument 1.0//EN"
<dlg:window xmlns:dlg=""
xmlns:script="" dlg:id="dlg_textsuche"
dlg:left="243" dlg:top="165" dlg:width="178" dlg:height="180" dlg:closeable="true"
dlg:moveable="true" dlg:title="Demo_Textsuche">
  <dlg:text dlg:id="lbl_hinweis" dlg:tab-index="0" dlg:left="5" dlg:top="10"
dlg:width="168" dlg:height="23" dlg:value="Diese Extension dient zur Demonstration
des Einbindens von Steuerelementen in die AOO-Sidebar." dlg:multiline="true"/>
  <dlg:textfield dlg:id="txt_suchtext" dlg:tab-index="1" dlg:left="5" dlg:top="49"
dlg:width="166" dlg:height="16"/>
  <dlg:text dlg:id="lbl_suchtext" dlg:tab-index="2" dlg:left="7" dlg:top="38"
dlg:width="57" dlg:height="12" dlg:value="Suchtext:"/>
  <dlg:button dlg:id="cmd_suche" dlg:tab-index="3" dlg:left="7" dlg:top="71"
dlg:width="60" dlg:height="16" dlg:value="Suche Nächsten">
   <script:event script:event-name="on-performaction"
age=Basic&amp;location=application" script:language="Script"/>
  <dlg:text dlg:id="lbl_lizenz" dlg:tab-index="5" dlg:left="58" dlg:top="148"
dlg:width="115" dlg:height="30" dlg:value="Lizenz: &#x0a;Apache License, Version
2.0&#x0a;Copyright 2013, Jörg Schmidt" dlg:align="right" dlg:multiline="true"/>
  <dlg:text dlg:id="lbl_ersatz" dlg:tab-index="7" dlg:left="7" dlg:top="95"
dlg:width="57" dlg:height="12" dlg:value="Ersetze durch:"/>
  <dlg:textfield dlg:id="txt_ersatz" dlg:tab-index="6" dlg:left="6" dlg:top="106"
dlg:width="166" dlg:height="16"/>
  <dlg:button dlg:id="cmd_ersatz" dlg:tab-index="4" dlg:left="7" dlg:top="129"
dlg:width="60" dlg:height="16" dlg:value="Ersetze Nächsten">
   <script:event script:event-name="on-performaction"
guage=Basic&amp;location=application" script:language="Script"/>


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