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From Krynock Construction <>
Subject Latest update fucked my spread sheets
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 00:49:30 GMT
Just to let you dicks know, I updated the program with the latest update and all my text documents
are fine.  However, ALL my spread sheets that I use to estimate my jobs, track profit and
expenses, track accounting expenses etc were blown all out of scale and proportion.  I have
to completely redo all my worksheets.  Right when I have tons of  physical job work, job-related
paper work and school work to get done now I have to redo all of my spreadsheets.  Thanks.
 Fuck you, I'm going over to Microsoft Office even if I have to pay.  Better than redoing
all my work and then having this shit happen again.  Can you tell I'm pissed?  I used to love
an outside the box program that was competition to Microsoft. I'm beside myself.  
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