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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: Testing RC2
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2013 17:06:51 GMT
     Hi Drew,

On 20.09.2013 19:01, Drew Jensen wrote:
> Howdy,
> Just read Juergen's note about an RC3 and that not withstanding really am
> happy to pass back my report here.
> After installing RC2 and throwing everything I'd done recently at it I can
> very happily report - zero crashes, zero hangs, no funny control behavior
> (even when I drop the OS memory down to stated minimum) - I went ahead an
> ran some cursory and a bit more jobs with Base against HSQLdb internal and
> external, MDB and ACCDB and MySQL data sources, without any significant
> problems.
> Also opened up the ODFAuthors chapter on Base and made a good number of
> edits, early on, minimized it but never saved it.
> Finally after 27 hours  up time (I crashed and got some sleep) for the AOO
> session I forced the VM to crash - on re-launch the AOO application
> reported that my user configuration appeared to be locked, with the warning
> about multiple users, and then started up just fine with no loss of my
> configuration data. The changes to the odt file, the Base Getting Started
> Guide, also all came back.
> To all involved - Thanks very much for your hard work

Wow - that sounds good! You really wnat to know it, don't you ;-)
Thats the right spirit - as a developer I can just say we need as many 
people as possible to set AOO on situations I as a developer would never 
think about - the main problem with looking too much at the code from my 
POV. Both is needed, definitely!

Thanks a lot,

> //drew

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