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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1519953 - in /openoffice/branches/l10n40/main/languages/source: af/ ar/ as/ ast/ be-BY/ bg/ bn/ bo/ br/ brx/ bs/ ca-XV/ ca/ cs/ cy/ da/ de/ dgo/ dz/ el/ en-AU/ en-GB/ en-ZA/ eo/ es/ et/ eu/ fa/ fi/ fr/ fur/ ga/ gd/ gl/ gu/ he/ hi/ hr/ hu/ ...
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 10:44:28 GMT
On 9/5/13 10:33 AM, janI wrote:
> On 5 September 2013 10:28, Herbert Duerr <> wrote:
>> Hi Jan,
>>  [...]
>>> I have to ask very clearly; is the opinion of the community, that .po
>>> files
>>> is not to be considered a vital/integrated part of our source tree and
>>> should be moved away ?
>> I believe they are as important as the source code. But they are not
>> source code! Also templates, clip art, etc. are just wonderful to have. The
>> more the better. They are not source code either. Having them all localized
>> would be a big plus though. Having all the localizable stuff not being
>> spread out all over the repository would be helpful IMHO.
>> IIRC all the localized strings were in the source files itself. Then they
>> were split off into *.src file, were they were maintained until 2004. Then
>> the individual localizations were split off again and collected in the l10n
>> project. This consolidation of localizations was a good cleanup IMHO.
>> Modern platforms try to split the resources and the binaries. They even
>> split the resources in itself, e.g. for different target resolutions. And
>> nobody is complaining that e.g. low-DPI targets are discriminated against.
>> But I trust your assessment of the situation. Please consider the points I
>> made and do what you think is best.
> Thanks for your trust, I will use the rest of the day to cool off, and see
> which solution I implement (either redo part of the work, or remove the
> branch).

I trust you and your work as well and I believe we have some simple
misunderstanding that I don't want to let stand unsolved.

Your whole proposal makes a lot of sense. There are things where
different opinions are natural and can be discussed. But in general I
think it is very good and I am thinking what I have done wrong in our
former discussion that makes you so disordered (maybe the wrong word).

The only point I and initially Herbert tried to address is the place of
the po files.

The good thing is I will focus on 4.0.1 and won't disturb you anymore
;-) But if you are interested to solve the misunderstanding on a direct
way you know where you can find me.


> rgds
> jan I.
>> Herbert
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