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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Example of spreadsheet formula testing
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2013 10:41:37 GMT
Hi Jan,

janI schrieb:
> On 19 August 2013 12:24, Regina Henschel <> wrote:
>> But for both kind of testing there exists a problem with "expected
>> values". For example, calculation of PMT needs expm1 and log1p, or
>> calculation of LINEST needs lot of matrix calculation. It is not impossible
>> to calculate this with Java, but who will do it? And when you use constant
>> expected values, from where do you get them and how to ensure, that they
>> are valid?
> Just one simple question, how do you do manually today ? use the same
> constants.

I use my MuPad 3.1 and sometimes calculate values on

Or I compare the values to those from Gnumeric and Excel. Having the 
same value does not mean that they are correct, but the other way round, 
having different values means that I have to investigate it.

> We should not try to invent a total new road, just do what we do today more
> efficiently.


Kind regards

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