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From Dave Barton>
Subject Re: [WWW]Outdated links on support page?
Date Sun, 18 Aug 2013 22:53:15 GMT
Ricardo Berlasso wrote:
> On the EN support page(1) there are links to "Tutorials for OpenOffice",
> "OpenOfficeSchool" and "8daysaweek".
> AFAIK, the first two resources are not being maintained since several years
> while 8daysaweek site have a big picture on the main page telling that the
> site is now closed(2).
> (1)
> (2)
> It seems a cleaning is needed. What do you think? Somebody knows about
> other sites with more updated content on English (I know a couple on
> Spanish)?
> Regards
> Ricardo

Did you consider contacting them to find out the current situation?

Obviously there is no point contacting "8daysaweek", because their home
page makes it clear.

"Tutorials for OpenOffice" is now being worked on, but there is a lot of
material to be updated, so don't expect to see immediate changes. This
site also handles a number of support questions every day.

I am awaiting a reply from "OpenOfficeSchool".

It is a shame that the ecosystem that surrounded the original project appears to be fading away. I have done some
fairly thorough checking and there does not seem to be any new English
sites coming on-line.


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