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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: New Features and Enhancements video
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2013 20:30:03 GMT
On 30/07/2013 Drew Jensen wrote:
> I've been plowing ahead with my ideas here; not just as a single activity
> to produce one or two videos but rather to start a framework for a project
> multi-media resources library, from which multiple videos, for multiple
> purposes, would be generated. It could also be used to generate themed
> artifacts for fliers/presentations/artwork(wallpapers, etc) that tie in
> with these videos.

This is a great idea. The project can surely use better marketing 
materials, be it video chunks, screenshots, images, nice documents that 
show the new features...

> For the 'community' category - These pieces:
> CommunityBeforeCode_loop.mp4, suitable for use at a show table running on a
> laptop, voice over, no musical background - notice I did not tag this with
> a license.
> AOO4_HotTamaleBaby.mp4 and hottamale.mp4 take that basic loop and add a
> little party music.

The result is nice, but the music covers the voice at times. Also, I 
would keep links very simple, so not and not the 
full URL to the inner pages. I think it's "Community over code" and not 
"before code". For the rest, it's impressive to see how the single 
chunks can be rearranged to target different use cases. The voiceover is 
good and clear.

> So, my vision would be to at the end deliver, somehow, for the projects use
> an ISO with all the files used to produce the works, this would include the
> OpenShot and Pitivi (and other) project files, it would include some
> instructions (which we would build as we do this) on how to make use of the
> material.

This would be perfect. At the moment we don't have many OpenOffice 4 
specific materials, so any well-done videos/graphics are welcome.

> What I would hope could be done, if the good folks at source forge are
> willing which I expect hey would be, is to generate a small and changing
> over time set of videos and have these dished out to users in round robin
> fashion.

This is stuff that we could also use on the main website, 
not only on the download site.


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