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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Open office Calc
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2013 09:50:23 GMT

we are sorry to hear that have this problems but we need some more
information to understand what exactly you have done and what's your
problem really is.

We are always interested to learn how the product or specific
functions/features are used by our users. But I can say that we are not
aware of this kind of problem until now.

It's your free choice to use whatever program you want but I can say
that open source software is often in same way developed as commercial
or proprietary software. But one difference is that open source is
transparent and you can review the code on your own if you are able to
do that :-)

And in general the best place for user questions and problems is either
the users@openoffice mailing list of the user forum (

Kind regards


On 8/2/13 10:26 AM, Andris Vanags [Multistate] wrote:
> Please disable the DRAG AND DROP (probably called a feature but it's really a bug), or
put in an option to disable it. 
> I've just noticed that I've ruined a spreadsheet that's taken years to produce with data
recorded in it daily.
> Today I've found it's now all crap, useless, irreparable, a total waste of some 7 years
work and research!  
> Why didn't I create backups? I did, but the unadulterated ones are (before using open
office calc)  now well over a year old, so all the data entered since then is lost or patchy/intermittent
at best; all the continuity is gone! Thanks for that!   Seven years of work destroyed because
someone didn't have the brains to disable this data ruining feature!
> I have to revert to Microsoft where this evil feature can be disabled and start work
all over again. It really does go to show that there's a big difference between professionally
produced packages and something that's free or just knocked up in someone's bedroom!
> If you want to help your users, get someone to look at this abomination before more work
is irretrievably ruined.
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