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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: Export of PDF/A-1a faulty ?
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2013 11:38:24 GMT
Hi Guenter,

> I've exported a Calc sheet as PDF/A-1a file, looked in Acrobat 8 Pro the
> properties: No security.
> I opened the PDF/A file in AOO 4 with aoo-pdf-import 0.1.0, could
> "correct" and save it again as PDF/A-1a file. (In Acrobat "no security"
> again.)
> Perhaps I do not understand correctly, but I think exporting a PDF/A-1a
> file which can easily be changed is a bug?

PDF/A is a document format for long term preservation so it has some 
constraints to facilitate this. See ISO 19005 for details or [1] 
(provided by the Library of Congress) for an overview over these 
constraints. Here is the relevant excerpt:

- Encryption is disallowed
- Audio and video content are forbidden
- Javascript and executable file launches are prohibited
- All fonts must be embedded and also must be legally embeddable for 
unlimited, universal rendering
- Colorspaces specified in a device-independent manner
- Use of standards-based metadata is mandated



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