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From fred juan diaz <>
Subject Improving default Heading styles ergonomy
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2013 11:04:30 GMT
Hi to all

LaTeX users often tell us that they have nearly "ready to use" styles.
corresponding to average use. In fact it's true.
Running soffice daily since the first free Sun Staroffice5.1 in 2000,
and teaching it to French users and pupils from that year,
i regret to admit that it's not the case for us, because of two reasons :

1. Our default heading styles never correspond to the most frequent needs.
(Heading 2 and 3 have the same size, 4 and 5 too, 6 to 10 too ...)

2. We are wobbly halfway between two logics :
 the full inheritance and the full independence.

I explain :
Some of our styles are proportional (Heading 1=115% and 4=85% to 10=75%)
inheritance concerns here both font and size in %

and others are fixed (Heading which is father, and Heading 1 and 2)
inheritance concerns font but not size

you see the must deal with a Heading 3 which is 85% sized
of Heading which is fixed 14 ... therefore without referring to Default size.

Size inheritance choices are not clear, and who of us
has ever needed font size proportionality in his daily works ?
(How many times have we been obliged to click on [Standard]
 when  we wanted to customize  Heading 1 ?)

In conclusion I think we should have a real constructive adversarial
to decide how to be closer to end-users needs.

I propose something simple to code, for example to let font inheritance everywhere,
this is a very useful feature when we wish to try different fonts in order to see how it looks.

But assuming that 90% of users use a 12pt default text style, shouldn't we consider
fixing font sizes  Default = 12 ; Heading 1 = 16 ; Heading 2 = 14 ; Heading 3 = 13 ; Heading
4 = 12 ;
Heading 5 = 11 ; ...or whatever you want bold or not Italic or not after discussion.

It would not be a difficult work, but the effect on end-users would be great
and being able to use more often our default styles would save time to many people
This is one dimension of quality.

Best regards

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