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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Starting Introduction to Contributing to Apache OpenOffice Module
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 19:53:03 GMT
Hi Prince Soni,

you are welcome.

Prince Soni schrieb:
> Hi, my name is Prince Soni, 3rd Year CSE from India.
> I know J2se and J2EE. I want to strong my grip in both these fields.

> Since this one would be my 1st open source project I have no Idea how
> to take part or contribute in open source.

> I am looking for a simple and popular project in these two field for
> now. Once I became comfortable I may take difficult one

The source itself is mostly written in C++. But AOO has an API, which 
can be used with Java. Indeed most examples of the developer guide [1] 
are written in Java. Using it would mean, that you write an extension 
for AOO. Such can be a small task, adding a features not yet available, 
but also complex, large things are possible. What is your interest 
besides programming? Anyway, in this case you should subscribe to our 
API mailing list:

Quality assurance is another part of our project, which works with Java. 
But I'm not familiar with that part and you should subscribe to our QA 
Mailing list and ask there:

[1] see left side in

Kind regards

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