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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject build break problems with r1500167 for bug 121754
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 16:04:51 GMT
Hi all,

The commit r1500167 for breaks build on 
Windows in hsqldb. You see this break in buildbot aoo-win7 too.

The error is, that the part of trunk\main\hsqldb\patches\i121754.patch, 
that should patch the file readme.txt does not apply. I have removed 
that part on my PC and the build finished then without problems.

But I'm not able to fix it on master. Whatever I do, I get a diff, which 
does not only contains removing the above mentioned part (which is line 
68 to 80 in the original file), but the diff generated by git removes 
all lines and then added the lines which should stay.

I first thought it might be, because I messed up UNIX/DOS line ends, but 
even when I carefully only use UNIX line ends, the problem stays.

Therefore it would be nice when someone with more experience than me 
could fix the build break in master.

Kind regards

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