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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Location for logo source?
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2013 14:52:51 GMT
Chris R. sent me the logo source, including additional application
notes, links to the font, etc.

Where should this go?

On the one hand we store the live version of the logo bitmaps on the
website here:

But there are also other copies in other location, in the product
tree, in the site tree, and outside of SVN on forums, wiki, etc.

So I think we want a more central location where we can store this
material, since it cuts across product, website and externally.

Maybe a new root SVN folder, /openoffice/artwork ?   That could grow
to contain things like CD labels, etc.

I'm sure someone will suggest the MWiki.  That allows some kinds of
attachments, yes?  But does it version attachments?  I think we want
full version control on logo source changes.



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