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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: commercial adaptations of AOO (was: My commercial service for
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2013 01:00:53 GMT
> From: janI [] 

> I am pretty sure, you can find independent developers (like 
> myself) who can
> and will handle small orders (again like myself). 

Yes, but it would be good to know in advance who is willing to perform such work.
I would not employ a programmer, just sometimes ask clients of mine after minor
adjustments of OpenOffice.

> But making a general
> statement is dangerous, since a lot depend on
> a) what you expect for a few thousand euros

In concrete terms, what I demand. "few thousand euros" here is only a general
description of the size of orders. I have no concrete idea what a free C++
programmer with knowledge AOO, demands, possibly 50-80 euro per hour. Too much?
Too little?

> b) if you expect a formal contract 


(but as a freelance programmer on a contract basis or as a company, not as an

> with prepayment bills 

No, not necessarily, it depends on the particular individual agreement.

> I would never say yes to in general to do developments, but 
> with specific
> details I might, and I am sure a lot of other independent C++ 
> developers
> think in the same way.

I'm afraid it does not make sense to use a general C++ programmers for such small
orders because of too long would need make himself familiar with AOO.

> Please remember this is a list of volunteers (like with LO) 
> so our prime
> target is not to make money.

Yes, that's Ok. But it is also not wrong to make money with free software.

I think each of us has to earn his living and I think it's better to do that with
things that we want to move forward, instead of doing other things.

I myself was once a commercial clerk and had voluntarily supported only in my free
time OOo. About 6 years ago I started my own business to provide professional
services for OpenOffice. Nevertheless, I support Open Office also continues to


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