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From V Stuart Foote <>
Subject Buildbot and Unofficial Developer Builds -- whats up?
Date Tue, 14 May 2013 01:16:55 GMT
Sorry for the cross post, but this rubs on both the QA and Dev sides of the project.

So, I understand that we are mid-way through, a full regression testing of the 4.0 branch
at Rev 1478648. But has the project actively stopped the building of dailys, and have the
cognizant developers been asked to stop posting up their snapshot builds? If so, fine but
would help to know that as it does impact testing of patches for those of us not rolling our
own builds.

Or is it just an unfortunate confluence of events between the build bots and the hand posted
work for our outstanding AOO developers?

In any case the BuildBot site is a mess ( ) with
even the Linux 64-bit now failing.  And since the  Development Snapshot Builds - full installation
sets (
) are not labeled with the SVN revision it is frustrating to download and end-up not having
 a current build to test latest patches.   Also, I  haven't seen a viable build of the IA2
branch in over a month.

Yes, there is the open issue against
the nightly build bot site. But nothing noteworthy being discussed there.

I'm getting a little concerned, am I missing something?


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