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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Find a better name for "sidebar"?
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 17:41:40 GMT
On May 23, 2013, at 8:43 AM, "Jürgen Schmidt" <> wrote:

> On 5/23/13 2:20 PM, Jörg Schmidt wrote:
>>> I understand it quite well but in the end the work have to done. The
>>> term sidebar is not new and the work is ongoing since month
>>> and we have
>>> many other things to do. I feel it very mistimed to start such a
>>> discussion now.
>> You're right, a great discussion, would be at the present time, wrong.
>> But we should not give the chance to someone suggests a word that all like so much
that we feel it is right for it to use?
>> It is not meant seriously, but let me say this, I think you believe (I do not know
if that's really true) the good code (QA, ...) is _very very very much more_ important than
marketing, and I think he's _just much more_ important. ;-)
> no you are wrong, I believe marketing is very important but I have
> stopped dreaming. We had already several discussion and the outcome was
> let's say limited... I would be happy if somebody pushed forward with
> good ideas and a consistent and good strategy. I no expert, I am
> interested in marketing and have ideas but no time...
> LO is probably 70-80% marketing and that is something they do quite
> well. Well I am not sure if I personally would support their aggressive
> approach, especially because I think that competition against us is
> stupid and completely off topic but that is something else. They are at
> least visible, make noise and are well know in the Linux world.
> And we have > 50 million downloads in 1 year with a good product.

There is is a story of a legal trial, where one of the jurors went up
to the losing attorney after the trial and said, "I just wanted to let
you know that you did a brilliant job. Your arguments were excellent,
and you were very persuasive. Unfortunately your opponent had the
facts on his side."

Of course the winning attorney argued well also. But he did it in a
way that put the focus on the facts rather than himself.

In the end results are what counts, not the appearance of exertion.  A
famous marketing effort is usually misdirected, wasted energy.


> But again convince me that there are people who are interested and have
> the skills to do good markting for AOO as well.
> Juergen
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