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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject GSoC projects and mentors
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 05:58:16 GMT

I am just evaluating the final GSoC proposals for OpenOffice that are

1. CMIS(Content Management Interoperability Services) UCP (Universal
Content Provider) for Apache OpenOffice using Apache Chemistry

2. Apache OpenOffice Extension Plugin for Eclipse

3. Import Wizard -(popular database and spreadsheet formats to Apache
OpenOffice Database Format)

No 1 will I mentor or at least I am willing to mentor it because the
student made a good proposal and I believe he can manage it. He asked
and discussed at least here on the mailing list and shows really
interest. Well it's the same student for proposal 3 and he made the CMIS
proposal based on feedback here on the list and the lack of a technical
mentor for the Import wizard.

No 2 is based on my initial idea of an Eclipse plugin (similar to the
NetBeans plugin) and I decided that I don't want mentor this because the
proposal was not really promising. No interaction here on the mailing
list, our main communication channel etc. I was wondering now that the
project is listed and jza is at possible mentor listed. I have in
general no problem with that but even here I haven't noticed any
discussion on the list. And of course the same reason (lack of technical
expertise) are valid here as for the Import wizard project. If somebody
is interested to mentor one of my "proposed" projects, I am fine with
that but a little bot more communication in front of that would be nice.


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