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From Dr YaLeah <>
Subject Problems, with suggested fixes, & questions
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 21:24:01 GMT
1)    In an OpenOffice text document that has information lined up in columns (such as
a price list or menu):   When changing the size of the font the size of "tabs" and "spaces"
does not remain consistant, which makes the columns no longer line up as before. About 1/3
of the entries will have to have the tabs &/or spaces edited to bring them back into
alignment. This is very time consuming and should be unnessary. Tabs & spaces need to
be one constant size, never variable, within each font size. Being able to lock the position
of a column (not as a table) would also work.
2)    In an OpenOffice spreadsheet:   Within a cell it is common to want to split
wrap-around text at the the author's point of preference (such as with an address). The placement
of multiple "spaces" to push the text into position is time consuming, sloppy, and unpredictable
at best. Then, if the size of the cell or the font changes, the entire document has to be
searched to repair the unwanted auto-adjustments. Please provide a way to use commands like
"enter" and "tab" inside the cells.
3)    When pasting information copied from any internet source into an OpenOffice text
document, OpenOffice will consistantly crash at least 20% of the time. Worse, I've experienced days
when it was 98% of the time. The method I've used is to "block" the desired information on
the website, "control + C" to copy, then "control + V" to paste the information into my
OpenOffice document. Photos cause the most trouble but text is in no way immune.
1)In an OpenOffice spreadsheet:     I don't want to have to reorganize an entire spreadsheet
to accomodate a single unusual entry so is there a way to split one cell into multiple cells?
   I'd like the choice of vertical, horizontal, or multiple splits and also need to be able
to adjust the size of the resultant cells.
2)    In an OpenOffice text document  please tell me how to switch between "manual"
and "auto-placement" of outline numbering. Also, how do I set "manual" as my default? 
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