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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Translation for AOO 4.0
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2013 22:29:14 GMT
On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 5:50 PM, janI <> wrote:
> On 25 April 2013 21:22, Rob Weir <> wrote:


>> And you seem to be suggesting delaying the release because of a
>> documentation issue ?!  But again, this is code that someone wrote
>> versus work that is not actually happening.  I don't think we delay
>> the real stuff because you wish that someone else was doing something
>> that isn't being done.
> I see your point, and maybe I was all wrong about this...I just thought we
> wanted to deliver a prof. product.

It is a safe assumption that we all want to do this.  But we may have
differences of opinion on what this means, and we should (IMHO)
discuss these differences without questioning the other party's good

>> >
>> I think you need to be far more specific about your concern.  In fact,
>> please enter a BZ for what you think is lacking.  We can triage that
>> along with the other bugs.  There a keyword in BZ for suggesting
>> something is  "stop ship" bug and in the past we seek consensus on
>> that designation on the dev list.   But I just tried AOO 4.0 and when
>> I hit F1 when in the side panel I get the online help. When I am in a
>> specific panel I get help for the specific panel.  So if there is
>> something huge lacking here, please write it up in BZ so we're all
>> talking about the same thing.
> In one mail I am told, it is a new feature nobody works on, and now I read
> it is all in there...

That's why I suggested writing up a defect report.  I have no idea
what exactly you think is missing.  I did some basic testing of the
embedded help and it appears to work.  Maybe something is missing?  I
don't know.  All I know is until you get concrete with your concern
we're just going to go around in circles on this.

>> Again, if you think something is missing in 4.0, enter a defect in BZ on
>> it.
>> Thanks!
> No need to thank me for saying my opinion.
> I should really never have raised this issue. Maybe one day our community
> are strong enough to have such discussions without using "killer argument"
> like write a BZ (but it is a quite polite way to silence people).

Not at all.  Writing a BZ issue is how you show that you have a
concrete issue.  It is how we prioritize issues and track them to
resolution.  It is a much better approach than reporting things in a
unrelated thread like this one, "Translation for AOO 4.0".   No one
should feel insulted or "silenced" by being asked to enter their issue
into an issue tracking system.  I don't know if you noticed, but we
just finished the test pass on the sidebar and have 65 new issues
because of this.  Unless you get your issue into BZ it is likely to be
forgotten as soon as this thread scrolls from view and missed by
anyone who did not suspect documentation issues to be reported in a
response to a translation thread.



> I am sorry for having caused fuzz on the list with what I thought was a
> valid concern, lets simply see what 4.0 contains when it is released.
> rgds
> jan I

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