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From janI <>
Subject Re: where do we keep a list of translators ?
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 15:13:28 GMT
On 1 March 2013 13:29, Rob Weir <> wrote:

> On Mar 1, 2013, at 7:20 AM, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
> > janI wrote:
> >> I am (as usual) confused
> >
> > And, as usual, it is not your fault!
> >
> >>
> >> This page contains among others a list of all languages, and who works
> on
> >> them.
> >> I thought this page was replaced by the one rob created sometime ago in
> >> cwiki, but at least one user (khirano) cares about the content.
> >
> > The two pages should be consolidated somehow. But the Mwiki page you
> edited seems cut, it's better to rely on an older version:
> >
> > for this discussion.
> >
> >> Now my question, why did we make a cwiki page if this page is still
> active,
> >> and if not how are they interconnected (giving users a chance to find
> >> updated information).
> >
> > The new page was probably created to reflect activity at Apache, and
> when Mwiki was under maintenance. But search engines will inevitably lead
> people to Mwiki, so it makes sense to merge the two, unless Rob had
> different reasons for creating the Cwiki page.
> >
> > In general, when we ask new volunteers to sign up for a wiki, it should
> be Mwiki if the current orientation is to rely more on Mwiki.
> >
> Actually, I'm not very comfortable relying on MWiki. We've already had
> two near-death experiences with it yet we're still in the exact same
> situation: we're using complicated software with no official support
> from Infra and reliance on a single  volunteer sys admin.   This is
> asking for trouble. If we really want to rely on something we should
> mot be in this situation. We need a plan for increasing the base of
> support, either within the project, or by getting Infra to officially
> support MWiki.

Now you for sure make me even more confused....first I have to correct a
number of factual errors, but I also need to understand why you have made
such a radical change over the last month.

 "no official supportfrom Infra and reliance on a single  volunteer sys
admino official support"
We are 3 volunteers from AOO with sysadmin rights on ooo-wiki, in addition
to that  we get help from Infra, in person: gmcdonald (who manage the vms)
and rjung (who helps maintain httpd). So at VM level we have a relatively
good coverage, compared to many other Vms.

We are also quite a number of sysop who has nearly all possible rights in
mwiki, something which you might find more restricted in cwiki.

"two near-death experiences"
This must be before my time, I know only of our spam attach, that was
handled brilliantly and effectively by our sysops and the breakdown which
was NOT mwiki but Ubuntu, and can happen to any VM (including cwiki). The
breakdown was handled quite a lot faster than e.g. the breakdown we have
(and have had for some time) on our buildbot for linux32.

Mwiki is a supported and live product, where I get a lot of response when I
ask questions.

I have now been sometime on the infra IRC, and to my best opinion ooo-wiki2
(mwiki) gets more attention than many other VMs.

We had a mail thread less than a month ago, regarding Mwiki contra Cwiki,
multiple PMC (including you) gave support to a transfeer, how come that is
no longer the right way to do things ?

Jan I.

> > Regards,
> >  Andrea.

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