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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: [sidebar] Snapshot builds are available
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 07:30:29 GMT
Le 22/03/2013 07:10, Juergen Schmidt a écrit :
> currently work is ongoing to integrate the gallery. The navigator and stylist should
be also integrated. But there are of course questions how exactly. Some users might prefer
to have both visible and docked, how would it be in the sidebar? We have to figure out what
is best and what works best. We can probably do not everything for 4.0 but it's good to collect
feedback and ideas. The currently floating table toolbar is also a candidate for integration
in the sidebar. Volunteers are welcome to help ;-)
> Long term it would be perfect if users can configure the content of the decks similar
to toolbars today. But all this is a lot of work and has to be done. We need much more core
basics like a working layout engine etc.
> We will see how our users will accept the sidebar in general and it is only the beginning.
> I personally like the sidebar and believe it will be a really huge step forward to increase
the usability.

What I like about the sidebar:
- The button that opens the properties of the main dialog (avoid right click to access character/paragraph
properties for example)
- Better screen real estate for wide screens (something a bit like The Gimp)
- Could be the possibility to remove the default formatting toolbar at the top (to increase
space for the document)
- The possibility to reduce each section of the Sidebar
- Increase/Decrease font buttons will please a lot of users!

Not sure the page settings should be included: they are not that often accessed (but well,
that section can be reduced)
About integration of the Navigator (and Stylist): I use them a lot and the Navigator is THE
panel that I would not like to be hidden in any way. All users working with long documents
really need it visible just all the time. Even an extra click to switch to it would be cumbersome.
NB: a drop-down list in the Text/Paragraph sections could be added to select the Character/Paragraph
Vertical spacing of the buttons seems rather large but I guess it will be part of the fine

I just noticed that mouse wheel on the Sidebar scrolls the document and not the Sidebar.

Just my feedback based on my personal use of Writer.


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