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From Guenter Marxen <>
Subject Re: A question about existing practices
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 01:21:21 GMT

Am 18.03.2013 19:05, schrieb Dave Fisher:
> There is no consensus here to eliminate or reset the votes. Some who are more in touch
with users have stated that it would be harmful. I trust their judgement.

as a longtime "OpenOffice"-user (since StarWriter 2.0), I think that in 
this case, Rob is wrong and resetting the votes would be something like 
an offense to us, the "old" users, who wrote and commented issues or 
voted for issues for many years.

I mainly used Writer, writing long texts with many images and many 
references (f.e. an SO-/OOo-manual, widely spread in the german speaking 
universities) and in times before the turbulences around OOo I made bug 
and enhancement issues and also voted for issues.

Look f.e. at issue 5608 

It was raised in 2002 and the latest comment is dated 2012. (I did not 
find "my votes" and the number of votes in bugzilla, but I think, I 
voted for it in 2004.)
Although the issue is ten years old and nobody worked on it, it remains 
a very important enhancement issue for all, who are writing long texts 
with (many) references. The issue is not at all outdated!

The same is valid for issue 11901 
( and many others.

I always have accepted, that the lack of ressources/developers prevents 
to solve some/many issues "in time", but I could hardly accept, that 
"old" stuff in bugzilla is reset/deleted and hence forgotten. I think, 
that some old users ("issuers") would be frustrated.

Instead of resetting the votes, one could have a list of 'issues with 
many votes', "weight" them (f.e. as proposed by a survey) and then let 
the volunteers/developers decide, if they want to work on their "most 
important" issues in the list.
And perhaps for another ten years nobody is found to work on some or all 
of them! But that does not change the importance of such issues 
(provided that importance is not only measured by age).

Special cases are concerns/issues by "users" like the city of Munich (as 
an "beacon project", Leuchtturmprojekt), which can weight more than 1000 
individual votes.

If the process is transparent, users and "issuers" will understand (and 
be patient).


Günter Marxen

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