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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: A question about existing practices
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 10:41:01 GMT

sorry, for top-posting, but I have a general remark.

 From my point of view the discussion on this thread went into the wrong 
I think Jörg just mentioned issue 3959 as an _example_ for feedback from 
users regarding feature requests via Bugzilla votes. I also think that 
Jörg mentioned Bugzilla votes also only as an _example_ for such kind of 
user feedback.

My perspective on Jörg's intention for starting this thread is to 
discuss the following questions:
- How should we handle feedback from users regarding feature requests?
- Should we define/establish one or more processes for users to provide 
their feedback for feature requests?
- If the users' feedback reflects their demands and if we think we 
should take these demands seriously, how can we support/show ways that 
these demands are fullfilled?

Thus, in my opinion we should not stress the one or the other issue or 
the Bugzilla voting system. We should more discuss the general issue 
regarding the users' feedback regarding feature requests to our product 
and how we want to react on it.

Best regards, Oliver.

On 14.03.2013 09:56, Jörg Schmidt wrote:
> Hello,
> By a request in the forum
> (, I get the
> information, the Issue #3959 was not implemented since 2002, although
> he has already received 355 votes.
> (Note: the implementation of the issues is not particularly important
> to me, I personally have not even voted for it.)
> I know it, earlier in OpenOffice, org, not practice was unfortunately
> votes cast for issues as direct, binding standard for their
> implementation to consider, But how is that today?.
> It is clear to me the AOO is created by volunteers who choose their
> detailed tasks themselves, but should we not also be a concern comply
> with the interests of the users of AOO? That would not only be of
> practical benefit to users, but would also enhance the reputation of
> AOO, as in the practice oriented project.
> Why the latter is important? I think because of the positive
> reputation of AOO in public grow the number of our supporters
> (sponsors, supporters, developers) will be.
> My view: We should not emulate LibreOffice because LibreOffice may be
> innovative, but public statements about quality and consistency of
> LibreOffice are devastating. For example, the chairman of the FroDeV
> spoke (a German association for the promotion of free software) this
> publicly recently plain text, see:
(Sorry only in German)
> My questions are:
> Are there any agreements which result to have the number of votes for
> an issue? Is there some agreement that a high number of votes to be
> reason, the implementation of Issues to be considered as a priority?
> What is your basic view on this?
> Greetings Jörg
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