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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: A question about existing practices
Date Sat, 16 Mar 2013 22:55:59 GMT
Le 14/03/2013 15:10, Rob Weir a écrit :
> But if only a small minority of users know about voting, and we have a
> large collection of ancient votes, then the votes are less meaningful
> and relevant.  That's my main concern.  I don't believe that the vote
> counts necessarily reflect current reality.  Look at the requests we
> received when we did the Google Moderator feedback requests.  To me
> that is more meaningful, since it is more current.

Argh, no!
The Google moderator was a total mess. At least the BZ is very detailed, not that difficult
to use, you can subscribe and have a discussion about the problem.
Voting in BZ is not more difficult than on Google Moderator.
Why should ancient votes be less valid? They are still the expression of a large install base.

> One way to improve this might be to remind users about voting via a
> blog post.  If we have more users involved in voting it becomes more
> meaningful.   Maybe even wipe out old votes, so we are looking at
> actual current user wants.  Then make votes more visible by creating
> periodic reports on issues with the most votes.  And when we fix an
> issue that had a lot of votes, maybe we blog about that.

What nonsense! So because ASF took hold of the code they should restart from scratch and annihilate
all the previous feedback?
If we can't handle an issue, then let's tell it in the report itself what is lacking (manpower
/ expertise / ...).
What would be the advantage of a blog post? No attachment allowed I guess, so it would be
a loss of interactivity with the users.

In the forums, we have always encouraged users to file reports and vote for the issues so
that they get attention from the developers. It has always been said that the only interface
between devs and users should be the BZ. And even if it's not very user-friendly at first,
I agree that this is the best way: it makes the reporters state clearly what they want and
this is not that easy enough to filter the requests. Users who really wants to make their
problem known do bother filing a report, the others don't and it means that it is not a really
important idea.
How would a blog be analyzed by the devs exactly?

Sometimes users wonder why bugs scoring many votes don't get any attention. Any attempt to
cancel the votes or change the way users chose their priorities would be detrimental to the
project credibility. I would personally be very annoyed by such a behavior and would stop
filing reports, voting for bugs and I would also stop advising the use of BZ at all.

If you consider the weeds as the myriad of reports with few votes, then we have some rocks
to concentrate on (the top rated by votes). Once the latter are removed, then let's talk about
how to handle the garden.


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