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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Strategic Planning: Website
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 21:57:27 GMT
On 07/03/2013 janI wrote:
> On 7 March 2013 09:53, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> MWiki ... has been updated with a huge
>> effort lead by Jan, and it is now stable and reliable.
> I totally agree with this point of view, but when a PMC raises doubt about
> using Mwiki, it is something we all have to listen carefully to, afterall
> one of the points in being PMC is to secure the long term stability of the
> community and product.

I've already written this, but there is nothing really special about PMC 
members: when people express opinions here, they are just people 
expressing an opinion, and the content, not the author, makes the 

> At the moment we have no-one with "just" shell access, all 3 have (or can
> have) root access. Furthermore rjung (infra) pratically maintains httpd,
> gmcdonald (infra-root) helps with more or less everything and Clayton helps
> with mwiki setup (without access).

And this is very nice to know. So basically we are not depending on one 
person only for everything related to MWiki. There is already a team of 
active people who (with different responsibilities) help in keeping 
MWiki efficient.

The advice I got from Infra is:

1) Project-specific tools should be maintained by the project; but this 
doesn't mean that Infra is going to ignore issues; Infra will work with 
the project to fix urgent issues and will possibly help, but not with 
the priority it gives to supported applications; shutting down an 
insecure application is not impossible, but it is still very rare.

2) Keep software up-to-date, and here, aside from the discussion about 
separating security-related discussions and volunteers for testing 
updates, I believe everything is clear.

3) Keep the upgrade process documented. You mentioned it is in SVN. 
Where exactly? This is probably more important than directly instructing 
more volunteers, since clear instructions are everything Infra (or 
whoever has a working knowledge of LAMP setup, including me for that 
matter) needs in case there is an urgent issue.

So I don't feel too worried about MWiki and Forum knowing that Infra has 
root access to the machines, that we have clear maintenance (and 
especially upgrade) instructions somewhere and that we have volunteers 
who are able to use those instructions (even though I'd like to see 
imacat or rbircher or someone clearly stating that they are prepared to 
take over if you are unreachable). The past history of MWiki does not 
look so good, but we had many different priorities at the time. The 
countermeasures above will significantly mitigate the risk that we feel 
that our tools are unmaintained.


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