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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Sidebar: new developer builds
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2013 11:12:54 GMT
On 01/03/2013 Mechtilde wrote:
> Am 20.02.2013 13:07, schrieb Andre Fischer:
>> I have created new developer builds (version 0.7), please see
>> for details.  I made the Linux build with an older Ubuntu, so that more
>> people can try it out. ...
> I tried to get the Debian GNU/linux build running. After unpacking and
> copying it under /opt/<sidebar>/I tried to start it as with the start
> menu as via console.
> I get the error "The application cannot be started. An internal error
> occurred."

Note that Andre produced two distinct 0.7 builds. The first one, as he 
says above, will run on older systems soo. The second one, which is the 
currently available one and was done to fix a last-minute error, only 
runs on modern systems, i.e., it requires glibc >= 2.17, as discussed 
later in this thread.

On Debian it seems you still have glibc <= 2.13 so it won't start:

(then your problem might be elsewhere, but this is just to say that the 
"more people can try it out" from the message you quote no longer applies)


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