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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Mwiki is moved into maintenance mode.
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 18:51:35 GMT
On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 1:16 PM, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:
> On 2/4/13, Rob Weir <> wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 8:51 AM, janI <> wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> We have just completed the last optimization of wiki.o.o, which means
>>> that
>>> it has entered maintenance mode.
>>> There is one outstanding bugzilla issue, which will be implemented if we
>>> can find a supported solution.
>>> Now would be a good time to think about the other things we have
>>> discussed
>>> earlier:
>>> - Move cwiki to mwiki.
>>>    this has been discussed/decided earlier, but might need a positive
>>> decision.
>>>    I for one find it very confusing to look in 2 wikis for the same
>>> information (e.g. build instructions)
>>> - Mark outdated paged with category outdated, and symbol on page
>>>   A lot of the information in wiki is outdated and superseeded by new
>>> pages, its hard to find the correct info.
>>>   If outpdated paged had the category "outdated" it would be easy to
>>> change
>>> search to excluded these
>>> - Put categories on all pages, and structure the pages
>>>   Due to the very limited maintenance the page structure and catagory
>>> usage
>>> seems very random.
>> I agree with your appraisal of the current problems.   The tricky part
>> of this problem is that we have a small number of old pages that are
>> useful, and a larger numbers that are not really useful anymore.  Even
> I dobt this is true. There is a lot of content that iss very useful,
> AOO in its core is not really changed and most of the content still
> applies. So I would say that almost 60% of the wiki info still applies
> now.

I was talking about the wiki + website.  There is a lot there about
old project organizational structures that are not relevant any more.
And even if 60% is still valid, that is still an enormous number of
pages that are not relevant any more.  What can we do to increase the
signal/noise ratio.

Here is a challenge for anyone:  Starting from the home page, what is
the minimum number of clicks you can make before you come to a page
that is full of outdated, wrong information?

I can see dozens of wrong pages that are two clicks away from the home page.


>> if we had volunteers lined up to tag the outdated ones this still
>> leaves the wiki content in a poor state.  IMHO it is more than just
>> improving things at the page level.  It is the structure as well.  And
>> this goes across the wiki and the website, since they are interlinked.
>> One approache, a bold one, that we might consider:
>> Freeze the old wiki and website and start fresh with a new one. Design
>> a new website and wiki, mapping out in advance the visual design,
>> branding, the templates, the taxonomies, etc.  Do it at a temporary
>> URL at first.  Migrate valuable old content into the new structure.
>> We could have a data-driven approach to prioritize what to migrate,
>> based on a year's worth of data on what current website and wiki pages
>> are consulted most often.
>> This slays all the dragons at once:   migrate CWiki to MWiki, combine
>> content into, etc.  We can still
>> keep the old stuff, but maybe in a new subdomain, like
>> or
>> We can also at the same time make a more uniform attempt at enabling
>> website translation.
>> -Rob
>>> We can hopefully expect high traffic volume when we release 4.0, which
>>> gives a natural timelimit when the wiki should be streamlined. Unless of
>>> course, the community does not find it embarrasing to have text like:
>>> "Teams
>>> This section is partly outdated. Visit Apache
>>> OpenOffice<>for
>>> actual information."
>>> on the front page, highlighting the priority of maintaining the wiki.
>>> Doing the work needed is too much for one person, it requires a small
>>> team.
>>> And based on my experience touching information can generate a lot of
>>> feelings, so the team should preferable contain enough "old" volunteers
>>> to
>>> guarantee that the changes are done historically correct.
>>> I will keep doing the running maintenance of the wiki2 server.
>>> Rgds
>>> jan I.
> --
> Alexandro Colorado
> Apache OpenOffice Contributor

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