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From janI <>
Subject Re: Mwiki is moved into maintenance mode.
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 18:26:55 GMT
When I look at the preceding mail in this thread, I see a lot of god
suggestions....but it seems its all still open, or did I miss a point.

Regarding streamlining Mwiki,
   - there are no real proposals to reduce the number of catagories
   - it seems that everybody agrees on marking old pages (with "outdate" or
"needs update" marker), however the definition of these pages seems to be a
discussion point.

Regarding moving cwiki to wiki.
   - There seemed to be general consensus to move the pages, however there
seems to be a discussion whether to keep Cwiki as "scratch paper".
   - It is also remarkable (at least to me), that there seems to be a big
difference in saying and doing....meaning that our cwiki still get new
pages, even from people who I understood supported a move.

   - For the actual transfer, there seems to several options, from the most
radical (and interesting):  Freeze, build a new wiki (and web), to more or
less do nothing.

I have also noted, that no one have opted to help with this undertaking.

So I assume that, due to the fact that its hard to impossible to see what
to do and be within consensus, it is simpler to do nothing ?

Jan I.

Ps. being a developer I do not see the filter (cwiki -> mwiki) as a major
challenge, compared with changing the will/habit of people :-)

On 9 February 2013 19:16, David Gerard <> wrote:

> On 8 February 2013 21:52, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
> >> - Move cwiki to mwiki.
> >>     this has been discussed/decided earlier, but might need a positive
> >> decision.
> > I agree, we can progressively move stuff by turning pages into redirects
> to
> > the MWiki. This may take time but could be the less problematic way (for
> > example, I had created the FOSDEM pages on the cwiki but they should be
> > moved to the mwiki since other FOSDEM pages are archived there). A
> drastic
> > redirect could confuse people who are actively working on some pages,
> like
> > the logo discussions.
> > Is there some filter to allow smooth translation of cwiki syntax?
> There appear to be no commonly-available filters to move pages in bulk
> from Confluence to MediaWiki, preserving links and formatting.
> The general problem is that anyone who moves a wiki from one engine to
> another does the job precisely once, so there's no-one who really
> maintains a good converter script, and the knowledge doesn't
> accumulate (as it does in an ongoing open-source project).
> That said, there are people who do want to move from Confluence to
> MediaWiki and end up doing it by a quick hack without the knowledge
> accumulating. So if you do go for an automated method and come up with
> a script, please do put the details and script up on
> , and others with the same problem in the future
> will be grateful.
> - d.

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