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From Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <>
Subject Re: Calc behavior: result of 0 ^ 0
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 04:57:01 GMT

Sadly, ODF allows any of three values to be returned, any user assuming 
any specific behavior is foolish. Load the document in any product or 
version, and it may change.

If I order my preference, it is error, 1, and then 0.

On 02/10/2013 04:18 PM, Hagar Delest wrote:
> The problem is to give the answer that is the most useful for the user. 

I agree with this statement. I am unsure what the most useful answer is. 
Off hand, I would have to say that it is dependent on what I am doing at 
the time. I cannot even tell you what I probably want it to be most of 
the time. For the crazy things that I do, I am just as likely to vary 
x^0 as 0^x (and one has limit behavior of 1 and the other 0)

I usually want things to just work. If an arbitrary value is used, and 
it is not brought to my attention, I may not be producing the answer 
that I really want. Not returning an error gives me a false sense of 

The problem is summed up very nicely here:

The summary is as follows:


0^0 itself is undefined. The lack of a well-defined meaning for this 
quantity follows from the mutually contradictory facts that a^0 is 
always 1, so 0^0 should equal 1, but 0^a is always 0 (for a>0), so 0^0 
should equal 0. It could be argued that 0^0=1 is a natural definition since

However, the limit does not exist for general complex values of n. 
Therefore, the choice of definition for 0^0 is usually defined to be 


Andrew Pitonyak
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