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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla -- Any interest in enabling "categories"?
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2013 21:22:01 GMT
Hi Rob,
Rob Weir schrieb:
> You can see our current Bugzilla taxonomy here:
> We have around 50 top-level "products" and within that each product
> has one or more "components".
> Users, as well as new-volunteers, are confused by the 50 products.
> For example, it is not at all clear to them where cross-cutting
> concerns go, e.g., crashes that occur across applications, like the
> profile corruption issue.
> Also, some of the "products" are not really dealing with the code of
> the product, but are project related areas like "qa", "www",
> "user-faq" or "education".
> Bugzilla has an option that we can enable that would add an additional
> level to the hierarchy, called "categories".  A category contains
> products, which contain components.
> Is there any interest in having categories enabled?

No, I would like to go another way and reduce the "product"-list. For 
example, "SDK" has about 500 issues at all from the beginning from today 
about 128000. Compare it to "Word Processor" with about 770 issues in 
the last year. "Products" with low use does not need a division in 
components. There are more such low used "products". I would put them 
together in two "products": "other source code issues" and "other 
non-source code issues" and use their former product name as component.

The other problem is, that some "products" are only understandable for 
insiders. Or do you know immediately what product "oi" or "ucb" is?

So keep only those products, which have got enough issues in the last 
two years to make a "component" list meaningful and which are 
understandable to end users.

Kind regards

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