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From Stuart <>
Subject Re: [www] Want to add documentation to or
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2013 01:16:16 GMT
Am 21.01.13 00:33, schrieb Alexandro Colorado:
> On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 8:06 AM, Stuart <> wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> my name is Stefan Ensslen. I'm a 34 years old software engineer from
>> Germany. I'd like to participate in the documentation of
>> OpenOffice/LibreOffice. However, I'd rather contribute to the
>> Programmer's instead of the User's Guide.
>> I found that the framework documentation
>> (**framework.html<>)
>> contains only a single
>> link to the OO site (**wiki/Framework<>),
>> and
>> the information that can be found at the OO site seems to be only a
>> stub. I can't imagine that everybody just reads the source code in
>> order to find out how UNO works, so I'd like to add some information.
>> The UNO documentation does not offer more insights either. Both sites
>> and**wiki/Uno/<>
>> offer much information about the concepts of UNO.
>> Besides this, I'd also like to add some information about how one can
>> contribute to the Programmer's Guide. I'd be happy to contribute, but
>> unfortunately neither LibreOffice nor OpenOffice make it easy to
>> contribute (unlike Wikipedia).
>> So I guess that I have to apply for some kind of account.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Stefan Ensslen
> Hi Stefan,
> Most of these projects were intended to have some documentation but not
> meant to become a documentation site fo their target, these are mainly
> development project. So the target wasnt to teach users to learn the
> component but to hack on it.
> That said, the documenation project does need to get more development
> documenation set in place. If you look at some wiki documentationyou will
> notice some alerts, notes and request for update.
> Wikis are as easy to contribute as wikipedia, just create an account, go to
> oen of these documents and update the page.
> The actual site is a bit harder to contribute because you need to become an
> apache contributor to edit, but mailing lists are set in place to work with
> a contributor to get your commit submited. Just pull the site code, make
> the update, and send the diff. Or generate a bug on the www component and
> attach the patch.
> This is how most of the open source projects work.
> so:
> create account wiki:
> Apache bugzilla:
> UDK site source:

Many thanks,

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