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From Stuart <>
Subject Re: [www] Want to add documentation to or
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2013 23:17:17 GMT
Stuart schrieb:
>> Hello everybody,
>> my name is Stefan Ensslen. I'm a 34 years old software engineer from
>> Germany. I'd like to participate in the documentation of
>> OpenOffice/LibreOffice. However, I'd rather contribute to the
>> Programmer's instead of the User's Guide.

On 01/20/2013 Regina Henschel wrote:
 > Hi Stefan,
 > welcome to the AOO project. We have the documentation mailing list,
 > see
 > mailing-list-public.
 > You should subscribe to that list too.
> Do you want to write in English or in German or both?

As I want to start with the Programmer's Guide I will only write in English.

> Documentation lies idle for some time and we look forward to your
> contribution. It would fit well to our effort to attract more developers.

Stuart schrieb:
>> I found that the framework documentation
>> ( contains only a single
>> link to the OO site (, and
>> the information that can be found at the OO site seems to be only a
>> stub. I can't imagine that everybody just reads the source code in
>> order to find out how UNO works, so I'd like to add some information.
>> The UNO documentation does not offer more insights either. Both sites
>> and
>> offer much information about the concepts of UNO.
>> Besides this, I'd also like to add some information about how one can
>> contribute to the Programmer's Guide. I'd be happy to contribute, but
>> unfortunately neither LibreOffice nor OpenOffice make it easy to
>> contribute (unlike Wikipedia).
>> So I guess that I have to apply for some kind of account.

On 01/20/2013 Regina Henschel wrote:
> Our documentation will be on,
> here called "MWiki".

OK. I already found that should be 
transferred to in ("It is planned to move most content 
from the pages into the Wiki."). However, the does not advertise this transition. I 
don't know how one can change Maybe you 
can give me a clue?

Apart from that I found this page:
which contains some statements about why the OpenOffice team decided to 
implement their own Component Framework instead of using one of the 
exisiting frameworks like COM or CORBA. However, I did not find any way 
to get from the main page to
If I hadn't used Google, I would never have found this page ;-(

Futhermore I realized that large amount of information about UNO can be 
found under

IMHO, this page should be more accessable (I have only found the 
following way to get to this page:
    -> click "I want to participate"
    -> I would expect another page where I can chose
        - User's Manual
        - Source code
        - Programmer's Manual
        - Distribution
     Instead I have to scroll down almost to the end and click on
     "New Volunteer Orientation"
3.) I have to click all the links. Under
     "Available Orientation Modules"
       -> "Level 3: Introductory Specialized Areas"
          -> "(Draft)Introduction to Development"
     I finally got one step closer to the Programmer's Manual. However,
     I still have to scroll down two pages until I get to "Other
     sources". Voila, I found

So far I have found three places where information about UNO is stored.
One of them is declared as dead and should be transferred.
However, it would be good to find a single place where this information 
should be stored. I don't want to overthrow any established procedures 
in these matters.

> The MWiki-software is the same as for Wikipedia.
> You register for an account and write then. To minimize spam, persons
> with a new account have to wait four days till write access is enabled.
> So please be patient.


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