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From Stuart <>
Subject [www] Want to add documentation to or
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2013 14:06:05 GMT
Hello everybody,

my name is Stefan Ensslen. I'm a 34 years old software engineer from
Germany. I'd like to participate in the documentation of
OpenOffice/LibreOffice. However, I'd rather contribute to the
Programmer's instead of the User's Guide.

I found that the framework documentation
( contains only a single
link to the OO site (, and
the information that can be found at the OO site seems to be only a
stub. I can't imagine that everybody just reads the source code in
order to find out how UNO works, so I'd like to add some information.

The UNO documentation does not offer more insights either. Both sites and
offer much information about the concepts of UNO.

Besides this, I'd also like to add some information about how one can
contribute to the Programmer's Guide. I'd be happy to contribute, but
unfortunately neither LibreOffice nor OpenOffice make it easy to
contribute (unlike Wikipedia).

So I guess that I have to apply for some kind of account.

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Ensslen

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