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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Mwiki possible name change.
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 21:52:49 GMT
On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 3:09 PM, janI <> wrote:
> Hi.
> I want to inform the community about an ongoing discussion in Infra
> regarding the use of "" or ""
> Background: We decided sometime ago to let me upgrade mwiki, which I did,
> with great help from many in here.
> After that there has been a relatively high load on the VM (very positive)
> and bi-daily kernel panics due to lack of resources.
> It was then decided to make a new VM with a new ubuntu, instead of an
> upgrade in place (to get rid of the kernel panic) which I deemed risky due
> to the state (and documentation) of the installation.
> I have completed the work with the new VM, and we were ready to transfer
> the live site.
> At that point I learned about plans of using https instead of http.
> Infra-root has a policy that all logins (not only for committers) should be
> done through https.
> Using https, requires a certificate, and the ongoing discussion is whether
> "*" is really needed or if "*" would
> be ok.
> If I have understood the details correctly (sorry for being vague, but I
> have not been able to get a clear answer), the users would address https:
> or and get a response as https:
> or

IMHO renaming goes in the wrong direction.  I think we should be
looking to get the entire website on to one domain, either all on or all on   Splitting things up
is confusing for users, makes extra work for us (and for Infra),
confuses the hell out of Google Analytics.

I'd really like to see everything under one domain, including our blog
and even CWiki (or migrate CWiki over to MWiki).

That's my ideal.   Is it impossible?

> I have written/mailed several times that is a legacy, very
> important to AOO, and hope it has been understood. The latest discussion
> seems to go in the direction of getting a certificate for,
> but there are no guarantees.

Is the issue cost?  We could do a mini-fundraising plea on our
homepage.  I bet we could raise the necessary funds for the

Note:  If I understand the security concern with the login, aren't we
in the same issue with the phpBB forums?  Would a single cert be able
to cover that as well?  Or do we need one cert per subdomain?



> I have informed infra, that I cannot participate in works that causes a url
> name change, without having a green light from the AOO community. Meaning
> that I am now just monitoring what happens and not participating.
> I am sorry to have partly caused the current situation, I wanted to make a
> clean installation to make the VM easier to maintain, had I not done that,
> the https discussion would problaly never have surfaced.
> I have no deadline for the change, mainly because it is done by others, but
> I am convinced that Infra will end with a solution that the community can
> accept.
> Please take this as information, I cannot go into a discussion on behalf of
> Infra (I am not infra, but we do have other committers that are infra).
> Rgds
> jan I.

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