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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Idea for distributing AOO on CD's
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2013 02:07:00 GMT
Just an idea.  There are many out there who want AOO on CD, but cannot
download it.  And there are some selling AOO or OOo, but not always
the latest versions.  And we have no ability as a project to create
and mail CD's.

So one thing that any individual or group of individuals could do,
that would provide a public benefit:

1) Start with some minimal seed money, like $100

2) Purchase CD media, mailers, postage

3) Set up website

4) Offer to send out free CD's of AOO to whoever wants one.  No
charge, not even for postage.

5) But accept optional donations via a button on the website.

6) Be transparent about the costs of operating this service and the
donations received.

7) Comply with all trademark requirements, seek permission to use logo
and maybe a distinctive URL/domain name

8) I am not a tax lawyer, but if I were doing this in the US, I would
not register as a non-profit (too much paperwork), but simply aim to
not make any profit.  For example, if donations ran ahead of orders,
I'd remove the donation button from the website.  End each year with a
small loss (ideally 1 dollar), so no business tax concerns.

9) Would be easy within a country to have multiple people doing this
together.  Not sure how to do it internationally.

Would something like this work?


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