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From David Gerard <>
Subject OpenOffice on Wikipedia (was: In case you missed it: The OpenOffice Wikipedia page was FUD'ed over the holidays)
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2013 22:43:47 GMT
Rob Weir wrote:

>Take a look at the lovely new page:
>Some choice bits of distortion:

Thanks for publicising this. I really did mean I wanted more eyes on it.

Useful pages in dealing with contentious topics (which is everything):

Cheers, looking forward to help. The talk page welcomes you!

Anyone with a good clippings file for the history of OO from 2000?
Such a history, that gets across *why* OO is as historically important
as it is, is not yet written, as far as I know. I went through the OO
clippings pages and but didn't find a lot.

- d.

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