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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT, DISCUSS]: no migration/use of former user profile with AOO 4.0
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2013 23:49:21 GMT
Hi Rob,

I had the crash problem too, but unfortunately I do not have the user 
profile any longer. But I can list some things, which I usually do with 
each version:

- Add name to user data, turn off "Help Agent", increase Graphics cache 
to maximum, number of objects to 100, set number of undo steps to 20.
- In Pathes: Add AutoCorrect, AutoText, Gallery, and Templates from a 
folder outside my home directory, do not make it the default. Set 
Graphics to the default Windows folder for personal pictures.
- Set Macro Security to Medium.
- Set JRE to Java
- Have Online Update to check automatically every week.
- Clear checkbox "Size optimation for ODF settings".
- Set HTML to Export OOoWriter and Character set UTF-8.
- Change Languages to not use the "default" item, enable both items in 
enhanced language support.
- Set personal document templates from the added path (see above) as 
default template.
- Define own toolbar in Draw and in Impress with commands for macros.
- Import about 10 macro libraries.
- In Draw and Impress: Dock toolbar 'Options' to the left and customize 
it. Customize the drawing toolbar to show the toolboxes instead of 
single shapes. Drag the zoom sub-toolbar from the standard bar and dock 
it. Stack Page pane and Style&Formatting window.
- Customize standard toolbar: remove, disable and add commands.
In Writer dock table and numbering toolbar to the right, 
Style&Formatting window to the left, show drawing toolbar, customize 
standard toolbar, define own toolbar for macros.
  - Install a German or an English language pack, depending on which is 
the basis installation. Make sure the dictionary is installed and 
install it, if it is missing. Keep the default installed extensions.

Including the recent document list, this results always in a 
registrymodifications.xcu with size around 800KB.

All that was done on WinXP. [I'm now on Win7.]

I think, this might give you an imagination of "highly customized".

Kind regards

Rob Weir schrieb:
> On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 12:49 PM, Kay Schenk <> wrote:
>> On 01/15/2013 12:48 AM, Herbert Duerr wrote:
>>> On 14.01.2013 22:50, Hagar Delest wrote:
>>>> Le 14/01/2013 12:06, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann a écrit :
>>>>> Does exist a description (may be inclusive a blob of the former user
>>>>> profile) to reproduce the problem?
>>>> Sadly, no.
>>>> XP seems the version where it occurs the most.
>>> Was the profile migration problem also reported on Mac, Linux or
>>> FreeBSD? If it was mostly an XP problem then the observation by Stephan
>>> Bergmann mentioned in
>>> could be real the root cause of all our profile migration related
>>> instabilities.
>> as an FYI...I use linux 32 bit rpm, and have never had a user profile issue,
>> that I know of :]
> I've never seen the issue either, on Windows XP, 7 or 8.
> But I do have a clean XP virtual machine image that I can run some
> tests on.  If anyone has a suggestion on how one can force the problem
> to occur, let me know.
> I assume it is some form of:
> 1) Install OOo 3.3.0
> 2) Do a bunch of stuff that triggers profile changes
> 3) Upgrade to AOO 3.4.1
> 4) Kaboom!
> But what are some things I should do for step #2?
> -Rob
>>> The (very incomplete) stacks of the crash that I saw all mentioned the
>>> update service being involved. This also fits with the observation that
>>> the crash apparently happened after a predictable time, e.g. 30 secs,
>>> which would also point to a problem in the update service.
>>>> Next time I'll try to make a copy of the whole profile.
>>> We're looking forward to it, thanks!
>>> Herbert
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>> MzK
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>>                                   -- Aesop

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