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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: project Volunteer
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2013 23:00:43 GMT
Hi Yi,

2 schrieb:
> Hello All, My name is Yi, from China, interested in joining the
> opensource community to gain some experience. My interest lies in
> C++. I have got my own build on Windows XP with a MSVC 2008 Express
> .I am interested in Writer. What can I do next?

You can look into Bugzilla [1], whether there is a bug, that you are 
interested in. Use the 'Advanced search'. You can narrow the search by 
project "word processor" and by a component. Severity should be 
'trivial' or 'minor', so that there is no pressure to fix it. The status 
should be 'Confirmed', so that you are sure it is really a bug and not 
an user error. You can also use 'Accepted', if the last activity is more 
than two years ago, because that was before the move to Apache. If you 
have found one (or more) issues you are interested in, then tell it 
here. The experienced developers can likely judge, whether such bug is 
suitable to begin and they can give you a hint, where to start in the code.

We have quite recently introduced a category "Difficulty", so there are 
only few issues at all already sort in and therefore "easy" has only few 
bugs. If it need not be Writer, you might find suitable issues via this 
category too.


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