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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Volunteers for a FOSDEM "Hacking OpenOffice" tutorial session?
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2013 22:34:34 GMT
The FOSDEM schedule is shaping quite nicely, with a wide assortment of 
presentations on the main development areas of OpenOffice.

But we could still squeeze in, if we have a developer willing to take 
care of it, a tutorial on how a newcomer can get involved in coding for 
OpenOffice. Taking for granted that a developer willing to build 
OpenOffice can manage with the instructions on the wiki, this tutorial 
would give practical advice on the tools (IDE, debugger... free and open 
source preferred, but if you find other solutions more effective be 
honest!), a rough overview of the code (main directories under "main"; 
basic coding standards) and ideally a few easy challenges or "nice to 
have" enhancements with an entry point to the code (example: we would 
like to complete our OpenFormula support; function XYZ is missing; to 
see how it can be implemented, look at file abc.cxx).

So it would not be a presentation, but a tutorial answering the question 
"How I can I help developing OpenOffice?". Materials could then be 
recycled for the Orientation pages and so on. It needn't be long, 
something basic that fits in a 45-minute slot would already be enough, 
we have a booth and plenty of time for follow-up if needed.

Now... Would this be worth pursuing? And, most important, do we have a 
volunteer willing to give this tutorial on February 2 at FOSDEM in 
Brussels? Even if it is a "special" presentation we would host it in our 
devroom schedule.


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