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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: Calc user guide Chapter 6 - German translation READY NOW
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2013 22:15:16 GMT
On 1/1/2013 16:20, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi Heiko,
> 口 海 schrieb:
>> Hi Andrea and OOo-Team,
>> happy New Year for the OOo - Project and best wishes !
>> As I had announced some months ago, I have translated several chapters
>> of the Calc 3.2 - user guide into German.
>> This chapter of the user guide is (to my knowledge) not yet translated
>> into German.
>> PLEASE help me to get it published on the OOo-website - as it would
>> reward the work that went into it !!
> Yes, we should make your translation available. I think, that the Wiki,
> where the English versions are already available, will be a proper place.
>> I am working on several other chapters of the user guide which have so
>> far not yet been translated into German and I would like to receive help
>> these upcoming weeks / months to get them published on the OOo-website
>> etc etc , too.
>> I am available in case further corrections etc etc are necessary.
> The document uses the wrong template. That has the effect, that it has
> the wrong language and wrong font size. The correct template is in
> How to handle copyright and license is described in the mentioned template.
> We should avoid the impression that this translation is authorized by
> ODFAuthors (former OOoAuthors). If such authorization is wished-for, the
> document would have to go through their revision cycles. Therefore I
> think, that at least the OOoAuthors logo and text in the footer on page
> 2 has to be removed.
> The document would need a proof reading to look for typos and wrong
> links. But because it is for the outdated OOo3.2, I think we can take it
> as it is. For AOO4.x the printing part has to be rewritten, because the
> printer dialog has changed after OOo3.2.
> Currently the Wiki does not react, so I cannot look for a proper place.
> But I know, there exists a page for the English version. If no
> DE-section exists, I suggest to add a line to that page, saying
> "Translations" and in next line "Heiko Strauss hat diese Anleitung nach
> Deutsch übersetzt." with "Deutsch" as direct link to the document.
> Perhaps add the full German title. This way it can be found by search in
> Internet and by search inside the Wiki.
> Kind regards
> Regina
Hi, Regina,

I have found a good place, by following the Deutsch link on the 
Documentation page. On the English version, the links are a couple of 
pages away, but the German page is mostly redlinks. An indented link 
under the Calc 3.2 redlink should work. I expect to use the name of the 
document (as attached by Heiko) as the link text; this is how the 
English chapters are listed.

Thank you for the reviewing. My German is totally inadequate for that. 
Do you have any suggestions for how Heiko should handle the next review 
cycle? Send straight to me (no review)? Send to you? Post it on the 
wiki, and ask the DE list for review? Generally speaking, docs like this 
shouldn't be sent to a mailing list.


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