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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [EXT] Dictionary extension for a Latin transcription of Persian
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2013 17:43:59 GMT
On 31/12/2012 Hamid Farroukh wrote:
> I have made a dictionray extension for the transcription of Persian
> with Latin alphabet. That means, I have a way of writting Persian as
> I would write English or German. This should help joung Persians
> living in the US and Europe to learn Persian and write Persian texts.

Hi, is this version of Persian something that you personally conceived 
or something more standardized, perhaps one of the Persian 
transliterations listed at ?

If it has a name and it is a somewhat standard transliteration, we can 
definitely include it in OpenOffice 4, expected in April or around.

> 1- Is it possible to use a custom dictionary for Persian as a
> "western language"? Users should see an entry in the language
> selection indicating Persian.

Adding another language is feasible. We prefer to add languages that 
have an ISO code or some form of standardization. It wouldn't be called 
"Persian" to avoid name clash, but something like "Persian (Latin)" or 
"Persian (Fingilish)" (if that's the name) could be feasible. Note that 
here I'm just referring to add a language name, i.e., just one 
additional option in the list where you can select if your text is in 
English, or German, or French and so on.

> 2- If not, may I publish it to the
> extension page for others to use? Users should know that they can use
> this dictionary, when they chhose Esperanto as language. Or would I
> viloate some policies?

We don't have a strict policy on this (I mean: we surely won't delete 
the extension from, even though we would 
require that the problem and the workaround are properly explained), but 
it would be much clearer to just add the language to OpenOffice, to 
avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. Just tell us more about this 
variant of Persian and we'll see how to handle that.


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