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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: MWIKI down?
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 02:53:35 GMT

----- Messaggio originale -----
> Da: TJ Frazier 
> On 1/2/2013 21:07, Andrew Douglas Pitonyak wrote:
>>  Trying to create an account for Alexander (as requested) using the user
>>  name he sent to me, but mwiki appears to be down...
> Hi, Andrew,
> According to <>, the wiki has been 
> down for an hour. (This is a /very/ useful link.) The devices are listed in 
> alphabetical order, by the name at the left; ours is "ooo-wiki".
> According to the Infra page, if something shows red here (as ooo-wiki does), 
> then Infra has already been notified and should be working on the problem, so no 
> further user action is necessary.
> According to Jan, the system is suffering from "kernel panic" bouts 
> (???). He plans to upgrade the VM, which may cure the problem.

Or they could move to a FreeBSD jail, but when I offered to help last year
I was turned down :-P.


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