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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Incompatible changes in AOO 4.0 ?
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2013 14:47:57 GMT
Hi Juergen;

----- Messaggio originale -----
> Da: Jürgen Schmidt 
>>>  So before we attempt a brain transplant with the spreadsheet formulas,
>>>  let's make sure we're all comfortable with the real-world risk 
> this
>>>  introduces and have a plan to find (and fix) the bugs this will
>>>  inevitably introduce.  Of course, this is not a demand on you
>>>  personally, but a challenge for the project overall.
>>  Sure, we have to be careful. For good or for bad, boost doesn't provide
>>  replacements for everything we do: I think basically the hyperbolic and
>>  some power functions that are in my patch and the statistics functions.
> I simply would like to propose that we make use of our new automated
> test framework and introduce new tests for the functions where we change
> the implementation.
> If we found bugs in the old existing implementations we should adapt the
> tests to reflect the correct behaviour and correct results and should
> add a note in the release notes to make our users aware of the fix that
> can produce new unexpected I (but correct results).
> Having these kind of automated tests for all functions would be a huge
> improvement to ensure the quality of calc. And it would help to tweak,
> improve the implementation in the future. It should be a nice task to
> get started and make good progress quite fast (which is always motivating)
> Juergen


It would be great to have some testing expert involved, and also some
documentation about how to add a new test.

This said, the testing framework is targeted for things that have
already been committed to the development tree, and before that
we should have already tested the correctness of the


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